The Shima Municipal Healthcare Service Institution

Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine

The Shima Municipal Healthcare Service Institution

The Shima Community Medical Welfare Center is located in Shima-Cho, Shima City, on the tip of the Shima Peninsula.
The Center was established by Shima City on April 1, 2008, and consists of Shima Municipal Sakishima Clinic and the Shima Municipal Healthcare Service Institution for the Elderly, "Shima No Sato".
The predecessor of the Center was the Shima Municipal Kokuho Sakishima Hospital and the Sakishima Clinic was established using its building which had been partially renovated. Whereas the building of "Shima No Sato" was newly constructed. Both facilities are managed and administered by the Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine.
Our basic philosophy is "To support the healthy lives of our community members," and we are making efforts to help our patients recover from illnesses in their home town by providing the services as follows: offering medical services for various health problems occurring in daily life, including preventive therapies; rehabilitation and home care support for patients who are recovering from illnesses; admitting patients who do not need to be hospitalized but need relatively sophisticated medical treatment and have difficulties with home care.
Our valued concept is " The integration of healthcare and healing," and we review our care services from a generalist perspective.
We encourage our staff to address problems collaboratively with members of various professions rather than a single specific profession and provide high-quality care services through "uniting our efforts to counter any problem."
We also believe that this helps our staff members to improve their skills. Furthermore, we are committed to staff training in which we encourage our staff members to self-reflect and support their training to be reflective practitioners. We are continuing with improvements to our facilities so that they can serve as training facilities for medical students and interns. We hope that the local community will feel that the Shima Community Medical Welfare Center is their center by participating in its establishment and will consider the center to be a "community-based medical facility". We aim to understand the needs of the community through visits and listening to people’s opinions. Although we have only just opened and are unable to do everything we would like to, we will make constant efforts to become a reliable organization within the community.
The ocean and mountains of Shima are exceptionally beautiful and offer scenery which cannot be found in other places.
Seeing is believing.
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4807-1  Katada, Shima-cho, Shima City, Mie
Phone:0599-84-1000 Fax:0599-84-1008

Visiting hours

09:00〜12:00 AM  13:00〜17:00 PM

Traffic Access

Transportation: Take Route 260 towards Shima (Wagu, Goza) from Ugata Station on the Kintetsu Shima line. It takes approximately 30 minutes by car.